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1 Jan - 24 Dec 2021

Conference 2018, photography by Neil Hanna

The Craft Scotland Conference will return in 2021 with guest curator Dr Catharine Rossi. 


The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Road
G34 9JW
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This one-day conference brings together makers, curators, researchers and other key figures in the international craft community to share, critique and reflect on the conference theme. Join us for inspirational and insightful talks from industry leaders and take part in the latest debates in craft today. 

Dr Catharine Rossi is an Associate Professor in Design History at Kingston School of Art, Kingston University, London. Her research interests include histories and theories of design and craft. Discover more about the conference curator.

Keynote speaker

Daniel Charny is a creative director, curator and educator, with a wealth of experience in creative consultancy and the delivery of engaging, ideas-led projects. Daniel is Creative Director at From Now On and currently a Professor of Design at Kingston University. He has initiated and devised culturally significant projects, including The Aram Gallery, Power of Making, Maker Library Network and Fixperts. Daniel will be speaking about things he has learnt and unlearnt about communities and making over the last 20 years, and what is the role of making in building meaningful connections. Visit the Fixing Education website and From Now On website. 

Stay tuned! More speakers to be announced.

About the theme

Communities have long been at the centre of craft; from guilds to communes, makerspaces to knitting circles. Craft makes communities and communities make craft, and strong craft communities can help tackle issues from a local to a societal level.

We are in a time when the idea of community is being challenged: increasing social and political divides see communities based on opposition rather than unity, and digital culture engenders isolation as much it brings people together.

Within craft, socio-economic barriers and the challenges facing craft education only serve to heighten the lack of diversity in the profession, and there are questions around the power relations at play in working with craft communities near and far.

We need to discuss what community means for craft now, in order to ensure strong, vibrant and inclusive craft communities in the future.


With their strong focus on community, Platform is the perfect venue to host this year’s conference. Platform views culture and creativity as the bedrock of a healthy and inclusive society, and their cutting-edge programme is rooted in their local area of Easterhouse, Glasgow. Read more about the venue, access and travel information.

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