1 Apr 2017 - 31 Mar 2018

Craft Scotland

Craft Scotland supports makers in growing their creative and business practice, and support the development of the craft sector.


All Across Scotland

Craft Scotland exists to celebrate the skill, talent and creativity of Scotland’s makers. We know that there are more facets to owning a successful practice than an exceptionally high level of making, and we want to give you the best opportunity to grow that business into a successful career. 

Craft Scotland provides access to training for professional makers and the craft sector in Scotland. We want you to continually develop your skills, knowledge and professional practice. Find details of the training and resources we offer to help you take the next steps in your career. 


Hothouse is the Craft Council’s creative and business development programme for up-and-coming makers. Considered a gold-standard professional development programme, it has supported over 200 makers over the last five years. 90% of UK-wide participants from 2016 stated that the programme had enabled them to think differently about the direction of their career.

We have partnered with the Crafts Council for three further iterations of the Hothouse programme. We have funded a total of 19 places for Scottish-based makers.

In 2014, with the support of our consortia of partners: Applied Arts Scotland, Emergents and Fife Contemporary, we worked with the Crafts Council to offer six Scottish-based makers the opportunity to apply for a place on their Hothouse programme. In 2016/7 we provided seven places for designer/makers living and working in Scotland. You can find out more about the Hothouse 5 cohort, the Hothouse 6 cohort, and hear from makers Heather Shields and Ruth Hollywood on their experiences of the programme. 

Please note that Hothouse 2018 has been placed on hiatus by Crafts Council until further notice.

Maker Training Days

An integral part of our training for makers is ensuring you receive appropriate instruction for our events and exhibitions. We want you to be well-prepared and get the best out of our opportunities, and so we provide training and debriefing days as an integral part of our programme of events. Content can include; sales, display, marketing and PR.

If you are selected for one of our events and exhibitions you will be invited to the associated training day. During the day we will give you all the information you need to make the most out of our shows, and handy tips that you can use in your business going forward. 

Craft Scotland Digital Workshops

In 2016, Craft Scotland launched a series of free, digital workshops in partnership with Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International. These workshops, held in Edinburgh, Rattray and Fife, were specifically tailored for makers.

The programme focused on equipping craft businesses with the skills and knowledge to make the most of digital technologies. Covering digital marketing, exporting, tourism and search engine optimisation, they offered practical tips and support for makers at all stages. We will be running more digital workshops in 2017/18.

Sector Training

To grow the skills of the craft sector, we provide training opportunities for curators, producers and craft sector professionals. 

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