1 Apr 2017 - 31 Mar 2018

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David Powell

We believe that everyone should have opportunities to see, enjoy, participate in and buy craft. Through our Outreach programme, we aim to increase and diversify the audience for craft. ​


All Across Scotland

Our Outreach programme started life as Meet Your Maker, and has evolved thanks to feedback from participants, makers and partners. We aim to highlight how meaningful craft can be to communities. Research has shown that craft contributes to individuals’ wellbeing, health and quality of life. We want to bring these benefits to those who might not normally have the opportunity to be involved in craft. We think it’s important that anyone can appreciate and participate in high-quality craft projects. 

To do this, we work with partners who can help us reach participants around the country, either as targeted groups or through open, public events. We bring makers out of their studios to get participants involved in creative learning through workshops, demonstrations, and hearing makers talk about their practice. 

Our current focus is on younger and older people, particularly those living in rural or deprived areas of Scotland. However, we look forward to hearing from any organisation who would be interested in partnering with us on the delivery of our Outreach project.

More information coming soon. 

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