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Here at Craft Scotland we’re in the business of making. Join our Board to help support makers who create some of the best contemporary craft in the world.   

Deadline: 25 Nov 2020


3 year term
Responsible to:
Job Description & Capability Profile:
Key dates:
Closing date:
Wednesday 25 November 2020
How To Apply:

Email your application to Gwenan Davies, Office Assistant, at gwenan@craftscotland.org

Here at Craft Scotland we’re in the business of making.


We support makers who create some of the best contemporary craft in the world. We help them make a success of their businesses. And our learning programme and exhibitions make life more beautiful and fulfilling through craftsmanship and creativity. Interested? 


We currently have two vacancies on our non-executive Board, deadline to apply is 5pm, Wednesday 25 November 2020. The Craft Scotland Board is responsible for shaping strategy, monitoring progress and ensuring robust and compliant operation. Together with the Director and senior staff we regularly review the programme, explore the wider landscape and jointly develop new strategy and plans.


>>> Download the full Craft Scotland Board Recruitment Pack for full information (opens document in new tab)


As a Board, we have a good range of skills and knowledge but want to keep improving and learning. We’re looking for people from different backgrounds who can add to our diversity of thought and experience and who can challenge our thinking through bringing new perspectives.


We serve the whole country, so we’re looking for people from beyond our office in Edinburgh. We’re seeking makers/designers/artists, and we’d also value input from other fields. Digital innovation, advocacy and media relations, income generation and fundraising are all priorities, along with equalities, sustainability, international networks, wellbeing, learning and community engagement. 


As a Board Member you will have the opportunity to:

  • Help develop an inspiring and creative sector
  • Promote excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Reach wider audiences and support emerging and established talent
  • Shape strategy and achieve significant aims
  • Be part of a dynamic and progressive team
  • Build valuable career experience and profile
  • Network with diverse, expert and creative professionals
  • Enjoy inspiring events and exhibitions


Equal Opportunity & Access

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to see, enjoy, learn about and participate in craft. We are committed to equality and opposed to all forms of unfair discrimination. We believe that embracing diversity enriches the sector and sparks new manifestations and interpretations of contemporary craft.


We encourage applications from candidates from all backgrounds. If you are concerned about any issues which might prevent your participation (such as accessibility, travel, caring responsibilities, costs or digital facilities) please email us on hello@craftscotland.org. We are very happy to discuss what support is available.  


Board balance

We periodically assess the make-up of our Board using a matrix to assess skills, knowledge and experience, demographic mix and geographic reach. This helps us recognise strengths, identify gaps and prioritise areas for Board development and recruitment. Our October audit, and our developing strategic priorities, underlined a need for additional expertise and the need to rebalance Board profile. We are keen to connect with other perspectives and networks, and those currently under-represented on public bodies:


  • People with diverse lived experience – being Black, Asian, Mixed Heritage and/or  Person of Colour, LGBTQIA+, under 50, or living with a disability - we welcome a range of backgrounds to bring real diversity of thought and experience.
  • People from across Scotland and beyond. We will look at ways to enable participation, including reimbursing appropriate travel expenses, considering caring responsibilities when scheduling, and using online video calling / conference calling to minimise time, cost and carbon emissions.
  • Professional curators, craft industry professionals and makers, designers and artists living and working in Scotland and beyond. This includes people working in one or more of Craft Scotland’s supported disciplines, and those who are producing work which: demonstrates excellence and the unique vision of its maker; is originally conceived and skilfully made; and is designed and made either by the maker or through small-batch production under direct supervision.


How to apply

If this opportunity interests you, please provide us with:

  • Either a covering letter (maximum two sides of A4), or a simple 5-minute video,
    which explains:
  1. Why you are interested in Craft Scotland
  2. What knowledge, skills and experience you would bring to the Board
  3. What you would like to gain from your involvement


Email your application to Gwenan Davies, Office Assistant, at gwenan@craftscotland.org.


Please include Craft Scotland Board Opportunity in the subject line and submit your application by 5pm, Wednesday 25 November 2020.


Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview online, using Zoom. The selection panel will be: Board Chair Catherine Holden, Board members Sandra Gunn and Rebecca Peppiette, and Craft Scotland Director Irene Kernan.


Prior to appointment the chosen candidate/s will be invited to observe a Board meeting. If you have questions or would like a brief exploratory chat before applying, please contact: Catherine Holden, Chair, at chair@craftscotland.org or Irene Kernan, Director, at irene@craftscotland.org.

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