Adrian Hope

Adrian Hope


Jewellery, Silversmithing & Goldsmithing


Metal, Precious Metals, Wood


I like to make pieces that reveal themselves slowly, that may have one or two layers and that confound the immediate perception. 

I have spent 40 years making objects in silver gold copper and occasionally wood. The objects are simple but achieving that simplicity is hard to do.

The basic techniques I employ would be quite familiar to, or recognised by, craftsmen born thousands of years ago. Embossing, patterning one or both surfaces of a piece of metal, using paper or other fabrics. Hammer raising, forming vessels from a single sheet of metal. Peening, stretching a thick sheet of metal to make a vessel. Almost the opposite of hammer raising but manipulating the silver as if it were clay

I make boxes bowls jugs and all sorts of quite domestic wares. They are tactile intricately surfaced and sometimes surprise. 

I want you to look more than briefly... to engage.

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