Alison Wibmer

Alison Wibmer




Textiles, Plant fibres

Originally from rural Herefordshire, I have spent the last few years living and studying in Edinburgh, and have recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA (Hons) degree in Textiles. Aware of a designer's responsibility to respond to the environmental and social issues currently surrounding the textiles industry, the need to make a positive change through design is central to my practice.

My work revolves around process; the transformation of material and surface through tactile, hands-on investigation. Personal responses and connections are explored through dynamic use of mark-making and colour. My designs combine analogue techniques of spinning, hand embroidery and felting, with print and CAD technology.

Local British wool is the predominant fibre, incorporating other biodegradable fibres such as soya silk and ramie. The way that these different materials respond to process (particularly felting and dyeing) is exploited to achieve variation in surface and colour. Luxurious with an honest simplicity, these textiles are designed for longevity.

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