Charonne Ruth Glass


Glass, Textiles


Glass, Textiles


'Wondrous glass sculptures whose colours float and frolic inside clear glass.’

SOFA Chicago, 2018

Charonne Ruth Glass uniquely casts handmade and blown glass to create a 'moving image' inside glass. Her work reminds us of everyday magic in the natural world: how elements invisible to us - light, refraction, movement - affects, shapes, changes what we see. The Artist also produces luxurious silk chiffon textile collections that reflect the flow and movement in her sculptures.

‘I am a kinaesthetic thinker, I think through movement, so my work is inspired by the way I move through the landscape.’

Much of my inspiration is drawn from the dramatic seascapes and landscapes I find around Scotland and indeed wider into Europe. Themes emerge from being physically active and what I see in these moments of extraordinary beauty and of quiet reflection, where nothing is in view apart from rolling hills and expansive skies. These places are mostly in the remote parts of Scotland, at the top of mountains in the Scottish Highlands, but I have has also found inspiration in Icelandic glaciers; the narly, volcanic rock of Fuerteventura; towering snow cap peaks in the French Alps; and rolling fells in the English Lake District. 

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