Fiona Hermse

Fiona Hermse


Jewellery, Textiles


Textiles, Metal, Precious Metals


Originally from Aberdeenshire, Fiona Hermse is a Visual Artist, Jeweller and Community Artist now based in East Lothian. She has a particular interest in difficult to reach audiences and project manages and facilitates artist led social projects. Constantly inspired by our interaction with the natural world she is particularly fascinated by superstition and spiritual belief. Themes relating to the ways in which these beliefs have evolved over time to adapt to contemporary life often take presidency within her work. She juxtapositions natural and man-made materials which have a visual lightness, hinting at the incorporeal. Traditional and modern craft techniques as well as installation, photography, drawing and painting are key elements of her practice. Seeking to engage the audience on a sensory as much as a cerebral level, her works are sometimes illusory, playful or deceptive in nature. In recent years Fiona has participated in artist residencies in rural Thailand and eastern India, the experiences of which have potently informed her current creative practice.She has exhibited throughout the UK as well as internationally and has received several awards in recognition of her work.

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