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Ceramics, Glass
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Having trained at Edinburgh College of Art and left with a BA(Hons) in Applied Arts, Gavin has continued to work in the ceramic industry, including ceramic and glass specialist in schools and art colleges as well as continuing as a practising artist.

Porcelain is a challenging material to work with but its unique qualities as a clay body has driven Gavin to investigate its wide potential through slip casting, hand building and throwing.

Fascinated by process and enhancing a technique, Gavin has explored the traditional glass cutting technique ‘battuto’ to create a highly textured, tactile surface on porcelain forms. This cutting technique allows him to exploit the materials translucent nature seeing the interior colour illuminating the exterior. Working intensively and methodically, absorbing the processes through production.

The faceted flowing forms are individually created though an almost intuitive mark making.

The forms Gavin creates are another important element of his work. He is naturally drawn to designing of objects that have a function. Gavin enjoys the relationship with user and object.

More recently, Gavin has been exploring multi-layered slipcasting to create work. He is starting to blur the boundaries between the usable and the decorative by creating more individual pieces and collections.

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