I am primarily a weaver using Scottish based materials including lamb's wool, Shetland wool and other locally sourced fibres.

My own private work is evolutionary, moving along at an irregular pace, adopting new symbolism and meaning where appropriate and dropping less important images once they have outlived their usefulness. This, for me, is a fluid movement, a smooth expansion of ideas, thoughts and concepts. Sources are metaphysical with a relationship to the physical, making the insignificant significant; making connections between everyday views of urban disfigurement and out of the chaos, creating objects of beauty.

Weaving is a process of growth, the natural way in which one activity flows into another until finally, one begins the physical act of weaving. I take pleasure from the way cloth grows before you, the fluid movement of one cloth evolving into the next. Finding this flexibility of designing on a fairly rigid structure is also one of the pleasurable challenges of weaving cloth. The evolution of ideas and thought processes is essential in finding the perfect solution if there is, in fact, a perfect solution. This is a never-ending journey of discovery.

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