Kirsten Manzi

Kirsten Manzi

Gary MacGregor


Jewellery, Metal Working


Metal, Precious Metals, Precious Stones


Kirsten Manzi is a Dundee based jewellery designer and maker, inspired by architectural elements and bold geometric forms. Kirsten believes that there is beauty in simplicity. With a passion for making and love of minimal design she set up Kirsten Manzi Jewellery to offer customers a seamless blend of beauty and craft.

With a focus on minimal design and beautiful materials, Kirsten designs each piece using clean, streamlined aesthetics influenced by bold geometric shapes and architectural structures. Kirsten aims to create jewellery that represents timeless sophistication and intimate beauty.

A high level of craftsmanship is involved in making all Kirsten Manzi Jewellery pieces and each individual piece is created with the utmost care and attention to detail. Kirsten designs, makes and finishes each piece herself keeping things small and personal. Focusing on quality craftsmanship and subtle details, Kirsten provides each customer with effortlessly stylish jewellery for every occasion that can be worn every day and cherished forever.

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