Siri Ceramics

Photo by Stew Talbot.




Ceramics, Glass, Metal


My background in filmmaking has inspired me to create narratives for my ceramic pieces in which science and mythology intertwine in comment to the human condition. By using the symbol of The Goddess, I am able to link past and present mythologies.I chose to make the human form in clay as a way to communicate the human connection to the earth. That connection and its complexities are described within each piece.For me, the female torso is the epitome of ‘woman as object’ (See feminist theories of Objectification) and lends well to the discussion of women’s struggles in the world. This is the underlying narrative within all my work.I am presently working on sculptural ways to represent the Inuit myth of Sedna Goddess of the Sea. I am incorporating the shapes, textures, colours, and ideas that I have been gathering while sketching and painting whales, into Torsos of Sedna.This Inuit myth seems relevant to today’s world where women’s voices are often unheard, leaving a sense of betrayal and powerlessness – and gives a sense of hope.

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