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Lisa Arnott Jewellery

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As a Jeweller and Artist, Lisa is drawn to the urban environment she lives within and the rural landscapes of Scotland she wanders through. Along her journeys she gathers inspiration from, marks, lines and patterns found within both. Through her artistic practice, she explores a wide range of expressive and physical mark-making which can be both spontaneous and contemplative, creating a new surface that reflects the narratives she is responding to, whilst asking herself self-provoking questions of what marks have been left, how they can reconnect us and how they can act as a remembrance of a time and place. Her studio practice involves traditional silversmithing techniques, alongside her contemporary approaches to expressive enamelling. She uses these skills to create ambivalent and sensitive surfaces which are created into intimate objects and pieces of jewellery. As a jeweller, Lisa has exhibited extensively, throughout Scotland and the UK as well internationally including Hong Kong and Australia. She is a recipient of Creative Scotland Open Fund and co-lead Artist on Socially Engaged Research Craft project, The Flourish Jewellery Project and is the Director of SilverHub Jewellery School and Studios.

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