Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson

Andrea Thompson


Jewellery, Ceramics


Ceramics, Precious Metals, Plastic & Synthetics, Precious Stones


My work explores the concept of value, elevating seemingly inconsequential everyday things to reflect their hidden value through a process of re-materialisation. Drawing inspiration from the confectionary industry my collections in porcelain and silver glamorise the simple pleasures in life. Retro sweet treats are distilled down to their simplest forms and reimagined in higher value materials. Pastel tones and the sticky opacity of fruit chews and marshmallows are achieved through the careful formulation of softly coloured, semi translucent porcelain.

A lifelong obsession with factory process videos, and memories of school trips to a sweet factory, heavily inform the processes I use in the studio. I cast, extrude and press mould porcelain in scaled down batch production methods like those found in confectionary factories. Bite-sized nuggets of pure pastel pleasure are scaled up to create a variety of wearables, homewares, and pseudo functional objects. The formality of precious materials is removed to create objects that drip with the desire of momentary self-indulgence and look good enough to eat.

Sustainability is an important part of my practise. By examining my working processes and scrutinising my materials I am able to move towards a more ecological and ethical approach to making.

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