Yvonne Gilhooly

Yvonne Gilhooly

eddy gallagher


Jewellery, Silversmithing & Goldsmithing


Precious Metals, Metal, Stone, Wood


Yvonne's practice is a celebration of geometry in all its poetic forms. Using traditional goldsmithing skills, precious metals and stones, she creates sculptural pieces both as adornment and as stand alone objects. Her fascination with line, form, volume and the void is where she begins, exploring both tension and harmony, absense and presence. Her practice is meditative, process is key. Designs continue to evolve whilst at the bench, allowing Yvonne to respond intuitively to materials. Her intention is to create pieces which invite the wearer/ viewer to experience a moment of contemplation and personal connection with each piece. Recent work showcases a bold combination of gemstones and precious metals in an exploration of shadow and light.

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