The Craft Directory features professional makers living and working in Scotland. Learn how to apply today!

Please note that new applications for makers and places to the Craft Directory are currently paused to allow for vital digital maintenance work to take place.  Applications will reopen in August 2021.

Craft Directory renewals will still take place, if you need any support please email mayanne@craftscotland.org. We will be focusing on increasing useability and improving accessibility and will return with improved maker forms and profile functionality.

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The Craft Directory showcases the best in Scottish contemporary craft from makers and craft destinations based in Scotland. To apply, you will need to meet Craft Directory Criteria (below), complete an online form and send high-resolution images of your work. Craft Scotland will then review your application to ensure it meets our curatorial conditions. If you have any questions about the new directory, please contact Craft Scotland. Alternatively, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Maker Eligibility

  • Professional maker, living and working in Scotland 

  • Makers should be working in one or more of Craft Scotland’s eligible disciplines 

  • All work should be the design of the maker and made by the maker (or small-batch production under their direct supervision) 

  • All work must reflect excellence and the unique vision of its maker, be well-conceived and skilfully made 


Makers based outside of Scotland

If you wish to apply to the Craft Directory but are based outside of Scotland, you must demonstrate in your application that a fundamental aspect of your creative practice is actively taking place in Scotland for a significant period of time each year. This could be design development and/or making. Please get in touch at hello@craftscotland.org before applying to confirm your eligibility.   


Maker Quality Criteria

Your work should:

  • Be technically excellent
  • Show the uniqueness of the idea
  • Show good design
  • Show individuality
  • Show a degree of innovation
  • Embody a mastery of materials
  • Show the development of work

Maker Application Process Flow Chart (information in text below)

Online Form Questions

In order to complete our online form, makers must be able to answer the following questions. The questions are designed to ensure makers on our Directory are working professionally in their craft discipline and committed to their practice. To progress with your application you must complete the necessary information, so please make sure you read the instructions carefully. 

Section A - you must be able to say yes to at least one:

  • Makers have been practising professionally for at least three years or
  • Makers have trained as an apprentice in their craft discipline, or
  • Makers hold a degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant area, or


Section B – you must be able to say yes to at least two:

  • Makers have exhibited their work publicly within the last 12 months (at a selected show, exhibition and/or event, this excludes degree shows)
  • Makers have received one or more prizes, awards or bursaries for professional practice
  • Makers’ work has been positively reviewed or featured in an art journal, magazine or newspaper
  • Makers have been engaged by contractual agreement in an artist's placement scheme (e.g. a residency)
  • Makers’ work has been purchased for one or more public collections
  • Maker is represented by a gallery
  • Maker’s work is stocked in one or more quality outlets


Maker Application Statuses

A. Eligible

The Craft Scotland team will initially assess all applications. If you meet all of the Maker and Quality criteria and your online form supports your application you will be marked as eligible. You will then be sent your annual payment link. If there is any minor feedback the Craft Scotland team will contact you directly. After payment your profile will go live and you are then prompted to add more images and information.

B. Shortlisted

If, when Craft Scotland reviews your application we would like the opportunity for a second opinion, we will submit your application to the independent Selection Panel for review. The Selection Panel will review your application against the Maker and Quality criteria, your online form questions and your photography. The Selection Panel meet four times a year.

C. Non-Eligible

If you cannot meet the majority of the criteria, your application will unfortunately not be eligible to move forward. Craft Scotland believes that feedback is an important part of their maker training and all non-eligible applicants will be sent a standardised feedback form. Craft Scotland is committed to supporting makers in their creative and business practice. You will still be supported in growing your practice through our other services, including our Maker Community section that includes Opportunities listings and our online Resources.

D. Panel Approved

If the independent Selection Panel review your application against the Maker and Quality Criteria and approve your application, you will be sent your annual payment link. If there is any minor feedback the Craft Scotland team will contact you directly. After payment your profile will go live and you are then prompted to add more images and information.

E. Found non-eligible by panel

If your application is found not eligible by the independent Selection Panel, you will be provided with a Selection Panel standardised feedback form. We suggest that you take some time to develop your creative and business practice, and re-apply within 12 months. Craft Scotland can support you in growing your skills; visit our online Maker Community to keep up-to-date with maker training, resources and opportunities listings.

F. Appeal

In the interest of fairness, any applicants that Craft Scotland finds to be Non-Eligible during Step 1 have the right to appeal. You can write to Craft Scotland within 10 working days of receiving your application status and request that your application is sent to the next Selection Panel meeting to review. We encourage all Non-Eligible applicants to sign-up to our Opportunities newsletter in order to find out about future professional development events.


  • Maker

    £49 per year


    • Join a vibrant community of makers and craft venues creating work in Scotland
    • Access a new online audience of curators, buyers, academics
    • A visually enhanced profile with makers statement and extensive portfolio on our website which receives 10,000+ hits per month
    • Promote your handmade objects with our monthly digital features 
    • Promote your website and highlight your CV
    • Streamline your Craft Scotland application process
    Applications currently paused. Reopen Autumn 2021
  • Craft Destinations

    £79 per year


    • Join a vibrant community of makers and craft venues in Scotland
    • Reach our new online audience of visitors, buyers, curators
    • Benefit from a visually enhanced profile on our website with 10,000+ hits per month
    • Increase your venue's online following and tell your venue’s story
    • Highlight your venue with Instagram Story Takeovers to 20,000+ followers 
    Applications currently paused. Reopen Autumn 2021

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