Craft Directory User Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions, please contact Craft Scotland by email: hello@craftscotland.org





  1. "Craft Directory User" refers to the user of the Craft Directory
  2. "Craft Directory User Services" refers to the services that may be made available by Craft Scotland to Craft Directory Users, in relation to the Craft Directory, as detailed below and on the website.
  3. These Craft Directory User Terms & Conditions set out the additional conditions (over and above the General Terms of Use and the Sales and Payment Terms) relating to joining the Craft Directory as a Craft Directory User and receiving Craft Directory User Services.


Craft Directory User Services

The Craft Directory allows you to promote yourself as a maker. As a Craft Directory User you are provided with an online profile, and on occasion, at the discretion of Craft Scotland, inclusion of your details or Website content in any Craft Scotland print/digital publications, to promote yourself to the www.craftscotland.org online audience.

Your Directory User profile

Your Craft Directory User online profile and inclusion of your details in any Craft Scotland print/digital editions, where available, are considered to be promotional tools for you, and a means for you to create awareness for your work.

Such details will be made available to the public through your online profile on the Craft Directory - showing your professional contact details (including name, contact(s), photographs of your work (collections), a written summary of your CV, and relevant tagging to facilitate searching.

Craft Directory User selection criteria

Please note that in order to maintain a high standard of work and presentation on the Craft Directory, there is a submission process. For instance, the quality of images, text and work of the applicant will be assessed in the first instance by Craft Scotland, and for shortlisted/appeals there is an independent external selection panel. Your application for Craft Directory User may be refused based on the criteria set out, in which case you will be notified and no payment link will be sent.

Craft Directory logo

Directory Users or their agent(s) may use the Craft Directory logo on their own website provided that:

  1. It is a single instance of the Craft Directory logo used as a link to our website www.craftscotland.org

(b) It is in the context of a factual correct reference to your involvement with the Craft Directory and the logo does not imply Craft Scotland's endorsement of any website or online service

(c) You notify hello@craftscotland.org including the full web address of the page(s) where our logo is used

(d) Where requested by Craft Scotland, you immediately remove such logo from your website.

Craft Directory publically accessible content

As our Craft Directory is a promotional tool, data included in these public profiles may be accessible by the public via wide circulation or redistribution, and via our historical archives. Therefore you should never include any data on your online public profile that you would wish to remain private.

Craft Scotland is not responsible for the content of the Craft Directory, or the actions of the public in relation to the available content.

Professional information you supply

You confirm that all information provided by you is truthful, honest and accurate. Craft Scotland reserves the right to edit the information you supply if Craft Scotland wishes to reduce the amount of information displayed or to amend, refuse or substitute any information tendered if Craft Scotland reasonably considers it unsuitable or inconsistent with the general standard, appearance or policy of Craft Scotland or the Craft Directory.


Your Professional & Personal Contact Details

Professional contact details

Please note that Craft Scotland may publish the business contact details you provide on our Site, the Craft Directory and in our other directories (where known to us as such).

Personal contact details

Your submission of personal information through the Website is governed by our Privacy Policy.

Craft Scotland will need to contact you from time to time with information relating to your Craft Directory Users, the Craft Directory and other publications. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have current and valid contact information for you, at all times, so that we can contact you with information about Craft Directory Users and, where Craft Scotland considers it appropriate and where you have agreed to this, so that you can receive information about opportunities from third parties.

Your email address

Craft Scotland uses email as a method of communicating with its Craft Directory Users. Information emailed to you may contain confidential information about you. It is your responsibility to keep Craft Scotland informed of your up to date email address, to keep such email address secure and ensure that the relevant logins are not known by anyone else.

Owing to the nature of email and the internet, Craft Scotland cannot take responsibility for the successful delivery of email to your chosen email provider. Please ensure that you set up your spam filter / junk mail folder correctly to ensure that emails from Craft Scotland (including automated emails) can be received.

You can update your contact preferences at any time by logging onto our Site.

Please see our Privacy Policy for further information relating to our use of your personal data and any other information that you provide.


Intellectual Property

Restrictions & responsibilities

The intellectual property rights in, or copyright over, the content and/or information sent or made available via the Craft Directory or otherwise on the Website should be the property of the relevant Craft Directory User who makes it available or, in the case that it is not provided by a Craft Directory User, the person who provides the content or information.

If the Craft Directory User or such other contributing person does not own the intellectual property rights or copyright, the Craft Directory User must obtain a licence or consent from the owner for such use in advance.

It is the responsibility of each Craft Directory User to ensure that they have full consent to the use of the copyright for all photography, voice-clips, video and any other content featured as part of their Craft Directory Users. You confirm that any such use, as set out in these Terms & Conditions, including the technical, development and research purposes set out below will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.

It is the responsibility of each Craft Directory User to ensure they have any necessary consent from any relevant third party to list details of productions/projects they have been involved in, or will be involved in. You should confirm that any such list does not disclose any confidential information provided by you without you obtaining the relevant consent. 

Photographs: further notes

You must provide us with the name of the photographer for all photographs submitted to the Website and the Craft Directory. Photographers must be credited, according to copyright law. We reserve the right to refuse any photograph which we consider unsuitable or inappropriate or should you fail to provide suitable crediting information through the online form.

As a craft directory user you agree to:

A. Grant to the Craft Scotland and its subsidiaries or agents a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive licence (together with the right to sub-licence) in respect of any materials or content submitted to the Craft Directory or to Craft Scotland, its subsidiaries and/or its appointed publicity contractor(s) and/or publisher for the purposes of promoting and publicising Craft Scotland, the Craft Directory, Craft Directory Users or their materials and content, the artists whose work is exhibited, any events, fairs, or activities in which the Craft Scotland and its subsidiaries are involved, both nationally and internationally and any other use as set out in these Craft Directory Users Terms & Conditions.

B. To grant permission to the Craft Scotland and its subsidiaries or agents and/or its appointed publicity contractors and/or publishers to create its own images by taking photographs (in such form as the Craft Scotland and its subsidiaries determines) of any exhibit or stand at any event for the same purposes as are mentioned in (a).

The above licences include:

  1. Permission to copy and hold any materials or content in any medium including but not limited to the use of the materials or content on the Internet;
  2. The inclusion of the materials or content on the Craft Directory or Craft Scotland and its subsidiaries’ electronic database(s) which may be available to the public
  3. The right to alter and/or crop any images in order to incorporate them into the overall design of any publicity, or other, material.

C. Agree to ensure your contact information and content is correct and up to date.

D. Agree to completing and submitting a periodical Craft Scotland’s Directory User survey about the service, functionality and usability of the Website. This may include an equalities monitoring form.

Content: uploading material

You must not upload material that is unlawful, defamatory, abusive, obscene, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate to the Website or the Craft Directory, or which you do not have the appropriate rights to use.

Craft Scotland reserves the right to suspend or withdraw Services and/or Craft Directory Users from Directory User Services who violate the Terms & Conditions and not to use, or make available, any material on the Site or Directory which it deems inappropriate, or to remove material from the Site or Directory which it considers to be in breach of these Terms & Conditions.

In the case of you being involved in a dispute between Craft Scotland and a Craft Directory User, between any two or more Craft Directory Users or between a Directory User and any third party, Craft Scotland reserves the right to remove your uploaded material or content from the online Craft Directory and the Website, at its discretion. On resolution of any dispute, Craft Scotland reserves the right to choose not to reinstate your uploaded material at its discretion.

Joining process

You can apply to become a Craft Directory User by following this link to the joining instructions. Please note that the Sales and Payment Terms and the General Terms of Use will also apply to your use of the Site, the Directory and the purchase of Products and/or Services via the Site.

On being successful as a Craft Directory User, your details will go into our database and be made available on our Website at the earliest opportunity. You will then be sent an automated email (to the email address provided on your application) letting you know that your Craft Directory online profile is now live, and allowing you to review the details. Your unique login to the Directory website account page will give you the ability to make changes to your online profile.

It is your responsibility on your profile going live to check all your details are correct and uploaded further digital photographs of your materials and content, and all other required details. Failure to do so will cause delays to the upload of your details onto our Website.

If you have applied to be a Craft Directory User and you have not received an email confirming your successful application and requesting payment within ten working days of applying to the Craft Directory then please contact us immediately.

Website access information

To access the craft directory online services you will be provided with a login. The login is confidential, allowing live changes to your online profile and account administration access, and should never be shared.

You are responsible for all activities on your account/profile, whether carried out by you or someone else on your behalf. You must keep your login information secure and confidential. If you do share the login with an agent, be sure you authorise and instruct them appropriately.

Photograph upload

Craft Directory Users can add new collections and photographs or new photographs to existing collections to their online profiles at any time by logging into their account page and accessing the Craft Directory.

Craft Scotland will review all content on the Craft Directory on a quarterly basis. Craft Scotland reserves the right to delete all or some of a Craft Directory User's media on expiry of their Directory Users or for any other reason, including, but not limited to, withdrawal of media upload services for whatever reason.

Craft Scotland does not offer its Craft Directory Users the ability to download or otherwise recover media files in their original quality or format. Craft Scotland therefore strongly recommends that Craft Directory Users retain their original media files. Furthermore Craft Scotland cannot be held responsible for loss or corruption of data, including accidental or intentional deletion by either party.


Craft Directory Users Costs & Payment

The costs for Craft Directory User is £49 for a Maker profile and £79 for a Place profile. 

Your Craft Directory Users is renewed manually by the user following a payment email. New Directory Users joining the Directory may cancel their Directory User Service at any time within 7 consecutive days, such time period beginning on the day after the application for Directory User Service is accepted, without incurring any fee or penalty. No refund is available on an annual Directory User Service after this period other than as set out in these Directory User Service Terms and Conditions.

Submission of your application amounts to an offer by you to purchase a Craft Directory User profile, and is subject to our acceptance. Your Craft Directory User Services starts on our acceptance of your application.

We only accept payments by credit or debit card via our payment system supplier(s). For your convenience and in order to safeguard your payment information all payments are transacted through the secure server of our on-line payment processing provider and once you have entered all relevant information correctly payments will be taken automatically. Invoices are immediately sent to you by e-mail and may be accessed at any time via your account. We take your personal privacy and financial security extremely seriously, please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Where a payment is declined, our accounts department will contact you for immediate settlement. If the payment is outstanding after 7 working days following our attempts to take payment, we will suspend your online profile and / or access to the Directory. If payment continues to be outstanding after 14 working days following our attempts to take payment we will cancel your Craft Directory User and / or access to the Craft Directory and should you wish to continue with your Directory Users you will need to re-apply.

Please see also our Sales and Payment Terms for more specifics relating to the processing of your payments.


Any breach of these Craft Directory Users Terms and Conditions could cause inconvenience and loss to the sender or provider of information or other Craft Directory Users, and loss to Craft Scotland. In the event of a breach of these Directory Users Terms and Conditions, Craft Scotland reserves the right to terminate your Directory User Services, your access to the Craft Directory, and any other relevant Services without notice. Craft Scotland reserves the right to withdraw or withhold the Directory Users Services:

a.          Where it considers this to be commercially desirable;

b.         To ensure quality of service where we consider a Craft Directory User/(s) to lack the relevant credentials or professional experience;

c.          Where our staff or other persons are subjected to abusive, offensive or threatening behaviour by any Craft Directory User; or

d.         In any other circumstances at Craft Scotland’s absolute discretion.

Directory user service cancellation

In the event that your Directory Users is cancelled or refused by Craft Scotland, a pro-rated refund for the relevant calendar year in which the annual users’ fee has been paid will be given to you.

You will be contacted each year to confirm whether or not you wish your Craft Directory Users Service to continue. Should you decide to terminate your Craft Directory User Service then your previous print/digital entry and/or online profile entry will still run for the duration of time left of your annual Directory Users Service. Should your Craft Directory User Service lapse, we may offer you another chance to re-join before your details are removed from the Website. We may also contact you with one more opportunity to re-join the year after your Craft Directory User Services lapses. We do not guarantee to make these follow up offers. We cannot guarantee to retain any of your personal or professional information after your Craft Directory User Service has lapsed.

If you contact us and ask to cancel with immediate effect we will then remove your online profile (including any multimedia attached) immediately. You would not be eligible for a refund in these circumstances.

When a Craft Directory User cancels their Craft Directory User Service, to the extent we are allowed to do so by applicable law we will retain their contact details in our internal database for reference purposes, for the following reasons:

1.         Some details are retained so that if you re-join the Craft Directory you are recognised as an approved former Directory User and your online profile can be activated as quickly as possible; or

2.         To ascertain the previous user status of those applying for future Craft Directory User Services.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.


Disclaimers & Liability

Due to the inherent nature of the internet, and other technology systems we use, errors, interruptions and delays may occur in the Craft Directory or Directory User Services at any time. Accordingly, the Craft Directory and Craft Directory User Services are provided without any warranties of any kind and we do not accept any liability arising from any inaccuracy or omission in the information or interruption in availability.

Craft Scotland, whilst using every endeavour to publish your profile punctually, will not be liable for any delay in publication.

Because of the promotional nature of your online profile, Craft Scotland cannot control the circulation of information within your online profile by other parties (whether in print/digital editions or online). We also cannot control disposal or re-distribution of our printed/digital products.

Security concerns

Should you believe that your Directory online profile is being linked, without your consent, to any other publicly available area, by an individual or organisation, other than your agent or representative, please inform us. If you have security concerns at any time you may request that Craft Scotland change your Directory password, login and/or URL.

We recommend that you do not list any personal contact details, or information that you wish to remain private, on your Craft Directory online profile.  The Craft Directory is a promotional tool and may therefore be circulated widely by Craft Scotland, other Directory Users or third parties.

Status & role of Craft Scotland

Craft Scotland is not an agent, and Craft Scotland does not take commission on work opportunities, commissions or sales found for or by its Directory Users. It does not commission or sell Craft Directory User’s work, material or content.