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Craft Scotland at SOFA Chicago 2015

Craft Scotland at SOFA Chicago

First Row: Line Mortensen, Rosie Kimber, Carrie Fertig, Melanie Muir
Second Row: Jonathan Boyd, Jessamy Kelly, Kelly Munro, Bryony Knox
Third Row: Juli Bolaños-Durman, Simon Ward, James Rigler 

Craft Scotland is delighted to return to showcase Scottish craft at SOFA Chicago 2015.

The show is held at Navy Pier, Chicago and runs from Friday 6 November to Sunday 8 November 2015, with the Opening Night Preview on Thursday 5 November.

The Craft Scotland 2015 showcase at SOFA Chicago will include work by eleven celebrated and talented craft makers from Scotland. Our 2015 SOFA makers are: 

Bryony Knox

Carrie Fertig

James Rigler

Jessamy Kelly

Jonathan Boyd

Juli Bolaños-Durman

Kelly Munro

Line Mortensen

Melanie Muir

Rosie Kimber

Simon Ward

About SOFA Chicago

SOFA, which represents Sculptural Objects and Functional Art, is a key event for the international collectors market, and regularly receives upwards of 35,000 visitors across three days. 

SOFA Chicago 2015 takes place at the Navy Pier and runs from Friday 6 November to Sunday 8 November 2015, with an opening preview the evening of Thursday 5 November 2015. 

Find out more about SOFA Chicago.

SOFA Chicago 2015

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