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Borja Moronta


Edinburgh (city)





Borja Moronta’s ceramic work is a reflection of the ‘state of mind’ he experiences while working with clay and its physical processes. From the mindfulness of throwing to the physicality of preparing clay, or the natural slow pace behind each step that clay follows to become a ceramic piece. Each stage leads to vessels that condense Borja’s upbringing in the rural coast of northern Spain: its colours, textures and pace.   He aims to create minimalistic objects that are calm and neutral and follow simple forms in a soft tone palette that alleviates the eye in today’s visually saturating world. Borja holds a MA in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and has stockists in the UK, USA and Australia.  

In conversation

1. Tell us about your practice?

Back in 2017, and after losing feeling and mobility of my left hand, I went through a surgery to fix the issue causing it. After a year long recovery I joined a group of evening throwing classes here in Edinburgh, it was at first just an attempt to help with the recovery of my hand and as a way to ease the anxiety that had sneak through the door after the painful recovery. The connection with clay was immediate and decided to put my heart and soul into it.

2. Tell us about your materials and techniques?

Almost every piece I make is thrown on the potter’s wheel. I enjoy that technique much more than others as the rhythm of it is very calming to me. I work mostly with stoneware and aim for my glazes to be neutral and visually pleasant, both of which are entirely formulated and made by me, making them unique to my practice. I find this important to me as it is the way I can fully communicate my vision and work to the rest of the world.

3. What inspired the work you are presenting at Collect 2023?

These series of compositions, starting by one called “To speak in solitude” is my aim to reflect those “states of mind” I experience while working. I wanted the pieces to communicate a sense of calmness and peace to those who come across them.

The bottles, cups and bowls are not just connected to the tableware I normally make, but inspired by the still life paintings of artists like Morandi or Francisco de Zurbarán who are able to capture greatly the sense of quietness in their work.

4. Tell us about a special detail from this new body of work?

Being able to present the pieces over these handmade ceramic plinths has been a challenge and something I have really enjoyed seeing coming together. The plinths help give the rest of the work their own entity and portray the compositions as a tridimensional painting. I think that’s the detail I enjoy the most. 

5. What do you hope the viewer will take away from this work?

I hope they are able to visually enjoy the pieces. If the compositions are able to offer some rest to the viewer and help them to pause, I’d feel the work has fulfilled its purpose.

6. Last thoughts on your collection?

I’d like to highlight the experience itself. From having this idea in my mind, to making it a reality, it’s already an achievement only possible thanks to the experience. The compositions themselves have helped me pause from my usual making schedules, to consider a different way of making or approaching the work itself. 


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2022, Stoneware pieces coated in crystalline matte glazes, over a ceramic plinth, 34x16.5x56.5cm

Gabriela Silveira

Borja Moronta



2023, Stoneware pieces coated in crystalline matte glazes, over a ceramic plinth, 32.5x15x63cm

Gabriela Silveira

Borja Moronta

To Speak in Solitude

2022, Stoneware pieces coated in crystalline matte glazes, over a ceramic plinth, 34x22x64.5cm

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