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Jasmine Linington


Edinburgh (city)




Textiles, Plant fibres

Jasmine Linington is a textile artist based in Edinburgh. Graduating in 2019 with an MFA in Textiles from Edinburgh College of Art, Jasmine spent her time exploring the potential of seaweed as an alternative material to incorporate into her practice. 


With an inquisitive approach, Jasmine is driven by material, tactility, sustainability and innovative processes. She constructs textile pieces and fabrics using digital and hand embroidery techniques.


Experimenting with a variety of seaweed species, hand harvested under licence from beaches close to Edinburgh, Jasmine uses the material as a natural dye and as unique embellishments for her SeaCell fibre textiles.   

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In conversation

1. Tell us about your practice?

I discovered my love of textiles at the age of 14, and soon after recognised that embroidery and working with unusual materials in unconventional ways was where my interest lay.  

From manipulating fabric into forms of embellishments, to printing with horsehair, I found that I loved the rewards gained from working with my hands and with unexpected materials and substances. While studying textiles at ECA, I spent time exploring seaweed, developing ways in which I could use it within my practice. Since graduating in 2019, I have set up my Edinburgh studio where I create seaweed-based textile art and products.  

2. Tell us about your materials and techniques?

I start every project with a trip to the beach to harvest the required seaweed species. I have obtained a licence to harvest seaweed from beaches close to Edinburgh. This seaweed forms the basis of my embellishments and natural dye for my textile pieces and will undergo a number of processes to reach the final stage.

These seaweed elements will be worked onto or into my embroidered fabric, which I construct from SeaCell fibre using hand and digital embroidery techniques.  

3. What inspired the work you are presenting with Craft Scotland at Collect 2022?

The collection is inspired by a combination of coastal qualities from material to design. With continual trips to the beach, I frequently witness the ever-changing patterns of ripples formed in the sand at low tide. Their striking, elegant and timeless beauty always stops me on my path to my seaweed harvesting spots.  

The SeaCell fibre embroidered fabric, and the design and composition of the pieces have been informed by sand ripples. Sprouting bladderwrack seaweed that grows on the surrounding rocks has inspired the shapes and layering of the kelp sequins.  


4. What is a special detail from this body of work?

The layering of my kelp sequins, the textures it creates and how it complements the textural embroidery design, named ‘Meandering Ripples’, featured in my SeaCell embroidered fabric.  

I also love the colour variation within the kelp sequins. Exposing ‘Seaweed Ripple No.1’ and ‘No.3’ to direct sunlight over a calculated period of time has altered the colour of the sequins into something truly unique and special. 

5. How do you hope the viewer will respond to this body of work?

Peace and tranquillity. A reminder to pause and to reflect. To enjoy the visual qualities of our natural world, and to open the viewer’s mind to the possibilities of working with unexpected natural substances. I hope that the viewer will look at seaweed in a new light, that they will have a deeper level of appreciation for and connection with this ubiquitous, wonderful and beautiful marine plant.


Photography by Alix Mcintosh

Jasmine Linington

Seaweed Ripple No.3

Undyed SeaCell fibre, bamboo/silk embroidery thread, viscose embroidery thread..

80.5 × 45.5 × 6 cm



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Photography by Alix McIntosh

Jasmine Linington

Seaweed Ripple No.1

SeaCell fibre naturally dyed with buckthorn bark, bamboo/silk embroidery threa..

80.5 × 45.5 × 6 cm



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Photography by Alix Mcintosh

Jasmine Linington

Seaweed Ripple No. 4 (Triptych)

Undyed SeaCell fibre, viscose embroidery thread and kelp seaweed sequins

84 × 140 × 6 cm



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