COMPASS: Education Interruption Bursary

1 Apr 2022 - 31 Mar 2023

Image: Monica Findlay / Photography by the Artist

Learn about this one-off award and how it is boosting the career of 20 craft graduates effected by the pandemic.   


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The COMPASS: Education Interruption Bursary was developed in response to the unique challenges faced by students in further education during 2020 and 2021. This one-off award was created to help springboard the career of craft graduates affected by the pandemic.

In 2022 Craft Scotland awarded 20 one-off bursaries of £500 to Scotland-based makers who graduated in 2020, 2021 or 2022 from a craft-focused undergraduate degree at a Scottish college or university.

The award aimed to bridge some of the gaps experienced by students during the pandemic including reduced access to studios, limited hands-on tuition, and cancelled or online degree shows.

Recipients of the award could use the award to support opportunities to further their practice such as purchasing studio tools or equipment, paying for specialist training and participating in a fair or exhibition.

>>> Meet the 20 craft graduates awarded the COMPASS: Education Interruption Bursary 




COMPASS is Scotland’s route to a flourishing craft sector.  

Craft Scotland’s dynamic learning and development programme, COMPASS, delivers tailored support for the craft sector. We want to support craft talent and equip individuals with the necessary skills to create a thriving creative and business practice. COMPASS approaches learning and development holistically exploring values and self-development topics alongside business subjects such as finance and marketing.  

Originally launched in 2018 to focus on makers, COMPASS has since expanded to also provide support for curators and craft professionals. It is a continuously evolving programme of support responding to the unique needs of the community, informed by industry experts and feedback from the sector.  

Current activity includes our year-long flagship Emerging Maker programme and pilot project Emerging Curatorial programme. 

Previous COMPASS activities have included free webinars, industry networking sessions, bursaries for established makers to develop their practice and for graduates effected by the pandemic, and residencies for Next Generation makers.  


The COMPASS: Education Interruption Bursary has been supported by the William Grant Foundation, Creative Scotland, Baillie Gifford and The William Syson Foundation.


As my honorary year at university collided with the pandemic, I didn't have studio access to finalise a complete graduate collection … I applied to COMPASS to provide me with the support to take on larger projects, allowing me to materialise ideas that have been brewing since art school.

Monica Findlay, Silversmithing

Since being awarded the bursary I was able to make a brooch of two slugs mating, with the inclusion of precious metal and stones. This brooch won a bronze award at the Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship and Design Awards in March and I would not have been able to make this piece without the help of the COMPASS Bursary.

Amy Findlay, Jewellery

It can be extremely costly starting a new business straight from art school, especially during lockdown when there [were] less opportunities for us to showcase or sell, so I am able to apply to more fairs and exhibitions with a new body of work with financial support from this award.

Scott Smith, Silversmithing
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