COMPASS: Established Maker Programme 2019/20

1 Jul 2019 - 31 Mar 2020

Susan O'Byrne / Photography by Ian Marshall

COMPASS: Established Maker Programme 2019/20 offers tailored one to one support for makers who are established in their practice.     


All Across Scotland

Our learning and development programme, COMPASS assists established makers with their creative and business development. Established makers are defined as those who have been practicing professionally for four-plus years. Each application is tailored and can consist of mentoring and specialist advice, or support for training and development, to develop themselves and/or their practice.

>> Round 1 & 2 have been announced for the COMPASS: Established Maker Programme 2019/20, meet the makers.

COMPASS is Craft Scotland’s learning and development programme created specifically for makers. COMPASS is generously supported by the William Grant Foundation and Creative Scotland.

COMPASS focuses on developing talent and equipping individuals with the necessary skills to create a sustainable craft career and business.

There are three programmes to provide support for a wide range of craft careers; Next Generation, Emerging Maker and Established Maker. COMPASS offers a unique mix of active learning, mentoring and specialist advice. Participants can learn about finance, marketing, branding, selling effectively, entrepreneurship and more.

The selection panel for both rounds of the COMPASS: Established Maker Programme 2019/20 consisted of Diana Sykes (Director, Fife Contemporary), Jessica Bonehill (Creative Industries Officer, Creative Scotland) and Jo Scott (Craft Scotland, Head of Programmes).


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