Summer Show 2017

4 Aug - 26 Aug 2017

Ross Fraser McLean

Emily Millichip - Fashion Designer - Workshop

Carmen Miranda Bag Charm / Key Chain Workshop

£45.00 Suitable for ages 16+.

Workshop attendees learned hand-appliqué, and created their own Carmen Miranda-themed bag charms/key chains with fashion designer Emily Millichip. Tutti frutti!

CARVE A Ring Workshop

CARVE a Ring Workshop

£78.00 Suitable for ages 16+

Jeweller Katie Lees taught workshop attendees to carve their very own bespoke ring in jeweller's wax. After the workshop, their rings where cast in silver and professionally finished.

Object Company Spoon Carving Workshop

Spoon Carving Workshop

£40.00 Suitable for ages 16+

Catherine from Object Company guided workshop attendees through carving a wooden spoon from sustainably sourced Scottish greenwood using traditional hand tools and techniques.

Emily Millichip - Fashion Designer - Earrings Workshop

Tropical Bloom Earrings Workshop

£45.00 Suitable for ages 16+

Fashion designer Emily Millichip taught workshop attendees to create their own supersize tropical flower earrings in leather or felt. Perfect for summer!

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