Kathryn Hinton

Kathryn Hinton

Kathryn Hinton


Jewellery, Silversmithing & Goldsmithing


Metal, Precious Metals, Wood, Precious Stones


Kathryn Hinton is a jeweller and silversmith based in Edinburgh. After completing a BA (Hons) in silversmithing and jewellery at Kent Institute of Art & Design (2003) she undertook postgraduate studies at Bishopsland (2004) and went on to the Royal College of Art in London (MA 2008, MPhil 2010). It was while at the RCA in London Kathryn was introduced to computer aided design and the possibilities of making with digital technology.Kathryn’s work explores geometric forms through the use of computer aided design software to design and create her pieces. The digital surface is formed to represent hammer strikes and marks made in metal, highlighting the surface detail. Using traditional hand skills and digital technology Kathryn has created a range of silverware which includes boxes and vessels that explore emerging surfaces and geometric forms. She also uses same methods to explore scale and textures through her jewellery collections. By using 3D printing with lost wax casting and computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling with press forming she is able to realise these objects in precious metals and create her jewellery and silverware collections.

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