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4 Reasons To Consider Sustainability As A Maker

This post is part of our Make It Green series on the Green Crafts Initiative that includes maker’s stories and helpful hints and tips...

As a maker, there are many benefits of associating yourself with sustainable craft making, not just for the environment but also for your own business. 

1) Eco Kudos
Sharing your sustainability ethos and efforts with the world can boost your reputation in the eyes of your customer. It is a way to develop trust and grow a positive association with your work. 

Practically speaking, this could be good for your website or your e-commerce. You can drive online traffic by tagging your products with green-themed SEO Keywords like ‘sustainable’, ‘green’, ‘eco-conscious’ etc. 

2) Save Money
Did you know that reducing the impact of your craft on the environment can also reduce your running costs? 

Reusing, recycling and using found materials is often cheaper than sourcing new. Take the time to look at your making processes and see if you can make some small changes. You can also look at reducing your energy and water consumption, which can lead to a reduction in associated utilities costs.

3) Customer Benefits
More and more customers are interested in hearing the ‘story’ behind the materials and process of the craft pieces they buy. Describing the sustainable and ethical choices behind your work can increase a customers’ connection to your process. Sourcing and producing locally is often viewed positively by audiences!

4) Tap into Funding Trends
Commitment to sustainability is a rising topic for public funders. Creative Scotland already requires its Regularly Funded Organisations (like us) to report on their carbon emissions and sustainability. It’s likely that this trend will continue in the future for organisations and makers alike. Such a commitment often demonstrates long-term planning and awareness of business resilience – elements which funders are keen to see in potential recipients.


Join Green Crafts Initiative today and start making Scotland that little bit greener. The Green Crafts Initiative is a nationwide accreditation scheme created by Creative Carbon Scotland & Craft Scotland. It is designed to provide Scottish-based makers and arts organisations with the advice, support and tools they need. 

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