Jane Keith Designs

Ever inspired by overlooking the Tay where she lives, surrounded by rolling lush landscapes, seascapes, colour, and most importantly pattern, Jane Keith sees pattern everywhere she looks – stripes, chevrons, dots, dashes, abstract composition, layer upon layer of repetition of marks and textured surfaces.
These are all frequently referenced from ploughed fields, tractor trails, dried seed heads of wild flowers and weeds, fences and boundaries (both new and decayed), rolling hills of crops and forests. With each season this shifts and evolves, continuing to supply never ending possibilities of how pattern may be layered onto cloth. Overall, the entire design process from ideas, drawings, development, fabric sampling, application of dyes and print processes is an organic reflection of where Jane lives, works and raises her family.

 This video documenting Jane Keith's working process, was made by Peter Keith for Jane Keith's solo show at The Scottish Gallery, in 2013.