Making It Green: Panel discussion on making work sustainably

Making It Green panel talk

Making It Green panel talk, part of the Making It project at Devon Guild of Craftsman, in partnership with Cultivator Cornwall and Design Nation:
The climate emergency affects all of us. As creatives, many would like work to maintain its positive impact – whether that’s making products for the home or artwork to be exhibited in the public realm. This discussion, which happened on 4th August 2021, explores how creatives can adapt their working practices and rise to the challenges of today’s world.
Focus of the presentations: 
  • Why should we adapt and change in our business and/or material process in the context of the climate emergency?
  • The different approaches we can take – small but impactful changes or having environmental sustainability as a key foundation for business and process.
  • How can we maintain healthy finances and work practices while making these changes? What resources are available to help?


Panel includes:

  • Melody Vaughan, curator, writer and mentor
  • Charlie Birtles, designer/maker
  • Linda Bloomfield, ceramicist
  • Imogen Bright Moon, weaver
  • Veronique AA Lapeyre, Head of Communications & Digital, Craft Scotland