Granulation Masterclass with Linda Lewin

Join CSSJ for an intriguing two day masterclass in the delicate art of granulation

11 May - 12 May 2024


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Central Scotland School of Jewellery cssj.co.uk
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Central Scotland School of Jewellery
RFL House
Anderson Street
FK15 9AJ
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Join us for an intriguing two day masterclass in the delicate art of granulation –  a delicate, decorative technique where beads and other elements are fused to a backing surface without the use of solder. Instead, they appear to be magically held in place, without any visible attachment. It is the oldest known decorative technique for precious metals with the ancient Italian civilisation, the Etruscans, being considered as world masters.

During the Masterclass Linda Lewin will guide you through the 3-part Granulation process; making granules with charcoal blocks, copper plating, and finally the art of construction in which granules are delicately applied with a paintbrush. The great thing about granulation is it requires very little equipment however it does require skill and developing a good eye for what is happening under the flame. After demonstrations and discussion Linda will guide participants through their own experimentation and final pieces.

We advise that potential participants should only book this Masterclass if they have previous workshop experience. Participants will need to be proficient in all basic jewellery techniques (sawing, filing, forming, soldering) and be comfortable working on a very small scale. Please get in touch with us if you are unsure if this class is for you.

About Your Tutor:

Linda Lewin is a true granulation and general metal work expert! She studied at Sheffield Institute of Arts “many moons ago” and has been working as an independent artist jeweller ever since. Inspired by Giovanni Corvaja at ECA, Linda travelled to New York to learn granulation. When discussing her practice and the delicate process of granulation Linda states “The more we learn about our materials, the more we understand technique, the better we can express ourselves. We all have something to say. I love granulation because it puts me in touch with my jewellery ancestors, I feel I am sitting amongst them and learning from them.”

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