Hidden Line - New Exhibition by Laura Derby

Witness the Sea’s Power in New Art Exhibition at Granton Station

29 Mar - 26 Apr 2024


Organised by:
Rugaura Designs
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Granton Station
Waterfront Broadway

Laura Derby’s Hidden Line, the latest solo exhibition by Kirkcudbright-based maker opens in March at Wasps’ brand new creative industries facility in Edinburgh, Granton Station.

Laura Derby (Rugaura Designs) creates unique, hand-crafted textile rugs, wall hangings and textile artworks from 100% British wool and upcycled British carpet industry yarn. The wood featured in her work is sourced from local fallen trees. Her commitment to sustainability is reflected in her passion for making ethical heirloom functional art that remains functional and conceptually compelling.

This exhibition crosses boundaries of visual, applied and conceptual art, challenging viewers to reconsider their relationships with themselves, society, and the environment.

The work draws inspiration from the black intertidal zone visible on rocks all around the world’s coastlines. This transitional area emerges and recedes with the pulse and rhythm of the tides, the pull of the sun and moon, and becomes a metaphor for the often unseen and overlooked boundaries and forces that shape our individual and collective experiences.

Visit Hidden Line on Friday 29 March, 1pm–5pm or Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm until 26 April.

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