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TEXTiles Fabric of Life: Put Your Name to a New Project

Put your name to a new TEXTile project in Caithness and north Sutherland.

13 Feb - 31 Dec 2021


Organised by:
Joanne B Kaar lytharts.org.uk
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Opening Times:

Due to the current restrictions, the building is currently closed until further notice and staff are working from home.

Have you felt isolated during the pandemic? Are you a key worker or a carer in Caithness and north Sutherland?

Inspired by a local table cloth that became a poignant memento of service men in World War II, Caithness Artist in Residence Joanne B Kaar is creating two unique tributes as markers of this time for her new project TEXTiles.

Hand stitched by Miss Custer in the 1940’s, the ‘Custer Tablecloth’ features the signatures of 125 RAF personnel who were based at Castletown Airfield during the Second World War. Donated by the Custer family, it is now part of the Castletown Heritage Society collection at Castlehill.

Inspired by this, Joanne will create new ‘TEXTiles’ by hand stitching the names of carers and anyone in our northern community who has felt increasingly from across the county onto care-workers uniforms.

More info and how to add names visit Lyth Arts Centre website.

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