COMPASS: Emerging Maker Programme 2020

24 Jan 2020

Juju Books / photography by the artist

COMPASS: Emerging Maker Programme 2020 is a learning and development programme for talented makers in the early stages of their craft career.


All Across Scotland

The COMPASS: Emerging Maker Programme 2020 runs from March to October 2020, with a dedicated cohort of makers, in the early stages of their craft career, working through the programme together. 

The programme will take a practical approach through a series of three one-day workshops, an immersive Five-day COMPASS Residential, one-to-one sessions, work critiques, and a follow-up True North Overnight Session.

COMPASS is Craft Scotland’s learning and development programme created specifically for makers. COMPASS focuses on developing craft talent and equipping individuals with the necessary skills to create a sustainable craft practice.

COMPASS offers a unique mix of active learning, mentoring and specialist advice, and has been developed together with Elaine Furnivall, a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who specialises in personal and organisational development.

Craft Scotland have created three programmes to provide support for a wide range of craft careers: Next Generation, Emerging Maker and Established Maker. Participants can cultivate networks and develop their knowledge about selling effectively, marketing, entrepreneurship and more.

COMPASS is supported by the William Grant Foundation and Creative Scotland.

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