Craft Hub

1 Sep 2020 - 31 Dec 2023

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Myer Halliday / Photography by Caro Weiss

Craft Hub brings together UK & EU partners, including Craft Scotland, to organise events, activities and create resources aimed at preserving craft techniques for contemporary practice. 



Craft Hub is a collaborative project involving partners from Ireland, UK, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Norway and Denmark, co-funded by Creative Europe. 

The partners, including Craft Scotland, will work together on Craft Hub over the next three years to illustrate craft’s importance in our shared European cultural heritage, and its continuing relevance in contemporary practice. 

The project goals include investigating and documenting craft skills and processes for a digital depository. Additionally, the project is keen to showcase the different applications of craft in creative practice across Europe, exploring whether this is cultural specificity or the individual motivations of practitioners.

This exciting programme aims to allow the creation of new craft work/experimental investigations into process and material supported by 42 transnational maker residencies, 305 days of outreach work, 1 festival, 7 exhibitions and 2 conferences.

Irene Kernan, Director, Craft Scotland says: 

"I am particularly interested in how effective networks can be established. As Creative Europe projects are founded in co-operation and partnership working models, the possibilities Craft Hub offered for the sector in Scotland to share knowledge and access expertise from across Europe seemed really exciting.

Working with our partners will help us raise the profile of Scottish contemporary craft and enable us to build valuable new connections with universities and arts development organisations from 8 different countries."

Partners include: Carlow County Council, University of Wales, Glasmaleri Peters Studios, Materahub, Design Skolen Kolding, Craft Scotland, Nova School of Science & Technology, Oecon and Oslomet.

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