Craft Scotland celebrates...wood

26 Jan - 22 Feb 2019

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Charlotte Barker / Photographer unknown

Craft Scotland celebrates... returns with a focus on contemporary woodworking at Visual Arts Scotland's exhibition ALIGHT. 


The Royal Scottish Academy
The Mound
Map Directions

Craft Scotland celebrates…wood is the third in the ongoing series of partnerships between Craft Scotland and Visual Arts Scotland, dedicated to exploring contemporary material practices and the creative energy that makers bring to different mediums. Previous materials celebrated include glass (2018) and ceramics (2017).

You can discover this showcase at ALIGHT, held at the Royal Scottish Academy on Saturday 26 January until Friday 22 February 2019. 

This year Craft Scotland has chosen to explore wood through the diverse work of three makers: Charlotte Barker, Beth Legg and Naomi Mcintosh. Their work is presented alongside hirta, a modular structure that acts as a focus for discussion around materiality, design and making.

This presentation examines the contemporary use of wood in craft. A sense of movement is offered by Charlotte Barker, the wood’s natural texture contrasting with the controlled markings of her ceramic vessels. Beth Legg’s objects and jewellery are rooted in the poetic nature of metal, wood and stone and her fascination with hinterlands. Naomi Mcintosh’s designs explore volume, pattern and movement.

Alvar Aalto, renowned modernist architect and designer, described wood as a ‘form-inspiring, deeply human material’. Makers today continue to test the tactile, sensory and expressive qualities of the material within contemporary craft practice, using both deeply traditional techniques and modern digital technologies.

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