Craft Scotland in Japan Showcase 2019

4 Sep 2019

Beth Lamont / Photography by Martin Smith

Scottish craft highlighted in Japan during the Rugby World Cup. 



Drawing from its rich craft tradition, Scotland cultivates a pioneering spirit within its makers and encourages each one to develop a strong voice. Using their talent, skill and imagination Scotland-based makers are creating unique handmade objects. As the national development agency supporting makers and promoting craft, Craft Scotland is delighted to showcase Scottish craft in Japan during the Rugby World Cup this September with a showcase in Yokohama and Tokyo.

Visitors to the Rugby World Cup can enjoy several presentations of Scottish craft including a unique shopping opportunity.

Craft Scotland ジャパン・ショーケース2019



Showcase at Scotland Rugby House, Yokohama
10am to 6pm daily, Wednesday 25 September to Saturday 12 October
3F, YCC Yokohama Creativity Centre
6-50-1 Honcho Naka-ku Yokohama 231-8315
Scottish Pop-Up Store
11am to 8pm, Friday 4 October to Monday 14 October (last day closes at 6pm)
mAAch ecute KANDA Manseibashi
1-25-4 Kandasuda-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
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