Craft Scotland in Japan Showcase 2019

4 Sep 2019

Beth Lamont / Photography by Martin Smith

Unique shopping experience for visitors to the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan. 出品作家.

Craft Scotland in Japan Showcase 2019 - Beth Lamont

MakerBeth Lamont

Beth Lamont is a ceramic jewellery and accessories designer/maker who is inspired by the clean form and feel of ceramics. She uses parian porcelain a ceramic material in a slip casting process creating shapes from hand carved forms. Her jewellery collections bring striking simplicity to an outfit, with splashes of colour added through rope or glazing. Beth designs jewellery with the intention of creating pieces that stand out and make a statement about the wearer and their individual style.

Shop www.bethlamont.co.uk


Craft Scotland in Japan Showcase 2019 - Helen Ruth Scarves

MakerHelen Ruth Scarves

Helen Greensmith is a printed textile designer, who trained at Gray’s School of Art where she focused on digital printing. She started Helen Ruth Scarves in 2010, specialising in high-quality printed silk and wool textiles, with a focus on ethical and local production. Her designs start as hand-drawn illustrations, usually in pen and ink, before being printed in Glasgow and hand-finished by Helen. Each scarf tells its own story, inspired by the flora and fauna of the wild Scottish landscape, fairy tales and folklore.

Shop www.helenruth.co.uk




Craft Scotland in Japan Showcase 2019 - Kate Trouw

MakerKate Trouw

Kate Trouw uses non-traditional non-precious materials to create statement jewellery. Initially using polymer clay, and now with a new collection in Jesmonite, Kate explores the boundaries of materials whilst creating pieces that are easy to wear. After graduating in Architecture from Edinburgh College of Art in 2004, Kate worked as an architect in London for over a decade before setting up her own jewellery practice. Kate is interested in how the simplicity of form acts as a constraint within which the unpredictability of the material is contained, but also heightened. 

Shop www.katetrouw.com


ケイト・トゥラウは日常的な新素材を使って独特の主張を持つジュエリーを作り上げます。当初はポリマー粘土を使用していましたが、今回素材を ジェスモナイト(水性樹脂)に切り替えて新しいコレクションを発表しました。彼女は素材の新しい可能性を常に追求しながらも、気軽に身に着けることのできる作品作りを心がけています。ケイトはエジンバラ芸術大学で建築を先攻 、ロンドンで建築家として10年以上経験を積んだ後、ジュエリー制作を始めました。シンプルな形という制約の中で 素材の未知の可能性がどのように立ち顕れるか、という点に彼女は興味を持って います。
Craft Scotland in Japan Showcase 2019 - Laura Spring

MakerLaura Spring

Bold, graphic prints incorporating bright colours are transformed into beautifully crafted products by Laura Spring. Designs are transformed through screen printing into statement homeware and accessories, produced in-house or locally to her Glasgow-based studio. Laura is firmly committed to supporting ethical methods of production in the creation of her work and works closely with all her suppliers and manufacturers. An integral part of Laura’s business is commissions and limited-edition projects, clients include; Heal’s, Tate, V&A Dundee and Belle & Sebastian.

Shop www.lauraspring.co.uk


ローラ・スプリングは明るい色使いと大胆なデザインを組み合わせたグラフィック・プリントを用いて美しい工芸作品を作り上げます。彼女の原画はスクリーン・プリントを通じて独自のホームウエアやアクセサリーに姿を変えます。その活動はグラスゴーにあるスタジオと近隣の工房で行われています。それはローラがメーカーや仕入れ先との密接な関係を保ちながら倫理的な過程で制作をすることをモットーにしているからです。ヒールズ、テート・ギャラリー、V&Aダンディー、ベル&セバスチャンといった美術館や有名店のための限定商品やコミッション もローラのビジネスの重要な一部をなしています。
Craft Scotland in Japan Showcase 2019 - Smith & Gibb

MakerSmith & Gibb

Rebecca E Smith is the founder, designer and maker of Smith & Gibb, a jewellery adventure inspired by her grandparents, Trevor Smith and Margaret Gibb. Rebecca marries family sentiment with contemporary designs from her workshop in Glasgow. Using the traditional technique of vitreous kiln-fire enamelling she brings her work to life with vibrant block colours. Her inspiration is found in the form of vintage postage stamps, postmarks and pastel tassel lampshades – all objects she associates with her grandparents.

Shop www.smithandgibb.com




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