Inches Carr Craft Bursaries 2022

1 Apr 2022 - 31 Mar 2023

Image: Jonathan Wade / Photography by the Artist

Meet the Inches Carr Craft Bursaries 2022 recipients

Erin McQuarrie Textiles

Emerging MakerErin McQuarrie

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

Erin McQuarrie is a textile artist based in Glasgow. She studied at The Glasgow School of Art and gained her MFA in Textiles from Parsons School of Design.  

Erin believes ancient methods of textile making provide an innovative means of interpreting and responding to the everyday, serving as an antithesis to our fast-paced consumerist society and a platform for historical recovery. 

Photography by Young Yu Dong 

Iseabal Hendry Leather working

Emerging MakerIseabal Hendry

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

Born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland, Iseabal Hendry is inspired by the traditional craft skills that she grew up with, from basket-weaving and roof-thatching to clinker boatbuilding.

Her creative practice is materially-led, inspired by zero waste and her family heritage in leatherwork.  

Photography by Isabelle Law

Scott Smith Silver smithing

Emerging MakerScott Smith

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

Scott Smith is a Glasgow-based award-winning silversmith and contemporary maker whose works explore the importance of meditative craft through the processes of carving, raising and casting.

Scott is currently a Silversmithing and Jewellery Artist in Residence at The Glasgow School of Art, from where he graduated in 2021.

Photography by the artist
Laura Derby Textiles

Emerging MakerLaura Derby

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

Laura Derby is a weaver who trained in woven textile design in Galashiels. She creates unique, handcrafted textile rugs, wall hangings, mindfulness mats and upholstered stools made by skilled local woodworkers. The hand tufting technique allows her to paint and sculpt with yarn and artfully weave elements of the natural world and heritage motifs.

Photography by the artist

Caius Bearder Silversmith

Emerging MakerCaius Bearder

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

Caius Bearder was born in Guernsey, and from an early age was drawn to the coast, especially to the unusual and beautiful flora, fauna and geography of beaches and cliffs.

Caius studied Silversmithing and Jewellery (BA Hons) at The Glasgow School of Art – where he is currently an Artist in Residence - before becoming a Fellow of Bishopsland Educational Trust after a year-long residency.

Photography by the artist

Annabel Hood Silversmith

Emerging MakerAnnabel Hood

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

Annabel studied Jewellery and Silversmithing at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2014. She subsequently worked for jeweller Malcolm Appleby for 18 months, where she learned the technique of hand engraving.   

She has a strong interest in expressing scientific data in a relatable way which prompts discussion about important topics such as disability and climate change; in the form of relatable everyday objects.

Photography by Helen Hood

Joshua Williams Ceramics

Emerging MakerJoshua Williams

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

Joshua Williams is a traditionally-trained studio potter based in Galloway, Scotland. He makes functional bespoke tableware and art-ceramic objects, sourcing inspiration from the landscape around him.

His current collection consists of contemporary terracotta slipware based on techniques and ideals which have been inherent to British communal life for hundreds of years.

Photography by Colin Tennant

Lucy MacDonald textiles

Established Maker Lucy MacDonald

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

After studying Design for Textiles at universities in Scotland and Finland, Lucy launched her woven textile practice in 2016, becoming known for colour, complex woven design and a connection to place. 

Inspired by the ever-changing seascapes and landscapes of Scotland, each piece begins in her rural studio on Royal Deeside and is made with locally sourced, traceable and sustainable natural fibres.

Photography by Aboyne Photographics

Jonathan Wade Ceramics

Established MakerJonathan Wade

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

Jonathan Wade began making ceramics in 2003 and studied at the Royal College of Art in 2011-13. He moved from London to Glasgow in 2016 and has since found a renewed connection to the land. This new inspiration is reflected in his ceramic work, manifesting in a desire to use self-gathered materials such as ‘wild’ clays, wood ashes for ash glazes, and self-sourced minerals.

Photography by Gabriela Silveira

Juli Bolanos Durman Glass maker

Established MakerJuli Bolaños-Durman

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

Juli Bolaños-Durman is a glass artist and designer based in Edinburgh. She studied graphic design in Costa Rica before graduating with an MFA in Glass from Edinburgh College of Art.

Her pieces are put together intuitively through the joyfulness of play, exploring how discarded materials can be transformed and elevated using heritage glass-cutting techniques.

Photography by Gabriela Silveira

Karen Westland Silversmith

Established MakerKaren Westland

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

Karen Westland is a silversmith who graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2015, is a Bishopsland fellow and completed their PhD at The University of Dundee in 2022.  

Karen employs various techniques to express their ideas exploring our interconnections with the universe. Karen's products are recognised for their subtle, decorative surfaces and being made with traceable materials.

Photography by Colin Hattersley

portrait of Heather Woof

Established MakerHeather Woof

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

Heather is a jewellery designer based in Edinburgh working with traditional techniques to create modern jewellery. 

Her work is characterised by a pared-back aesthetic, and clean lines and simplicity of form are balanced with a love of pattern and rhythm. Her inspirations are rooted in observations of the natural world, of shifting light and landscape.

Photography by Susan Castillo

Portrait of Susan O'Byrne

Established MakerSusan O'Byrne

Inches Carr Craft Bursary

Susan O'Byrne is a ceramic artist who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a Degree in Design and Applied Arts and a Post Graduate Diploma in Ceramics. 

Her narrative, ceramic-animals aim to explore the ability of the animal as metaphor to embody, distil and reflect aspects of human sensitivity.    

Photography by Bruno Gallagher 

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