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30 Oct 2020 - 30 Apr 2023

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Research Report

Research Paper, led by Craft Scotland with researcher Rosemary James-Beith

A Research Paper, led by Craft Scotland with researcher Rosemary James-Beith, maps out best practice for craft education.

Drawing upon existing research, a survey of both teachers and makers and a set of key case studies, the report and findings are summarised into recommendations to tackle inequality in craft education; change perceptions of craft; identify career paths; and facilitate new experiences and opportunities for all of Scotland’s young people.

Craft and making education can contribute to learning and attainment across the curriculum; improving mental health and wellbeing; driving employability in a range of sectors and developing capacities to respond to the climate emergency. It can also protect Scotland’s unique craft heritage, increase appreciation for craft, and develop our talented, skilled makers of the future.

However, it is clear that the infrastructure does not yet exist to realise this potential. Through key findings and recommendations, the MAKE Learn Report, published in October 2021 and authored by Rosemary James-Beith, argues for the coordination, resources and strategy to create shared ground for the craft and education sectors to learn from each other, share best practice and resources, and develop ambitious collaborative projects, and talent development pathways.


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Key Findings


Case Studies

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Pilot Schools Project

Pilot Schools Project, led by MAKE with maker Soizig Carey

A Pilot Schools Project, led by MAKE with maker Soizig Carey, explores the value of craft education within and beyond the school setting. Working with makers Deirdre Nelson, Stefanie Ying Lin Cheong and Eve Eunson, three craft activities explore traditional craft practice in Scotland; materials and their connection to place and the natural world; and the circular economy.

Each activity encourages meaningful engagement with materials, unlocking cross-disciplinary learning through craft making and experimentation. The activities were delivered from April – June 2021, to over 400 children (aged 9-11 years), in primary 5 – 7 classes, across six primary schools in Glasgow City and Argyll and Bute council regions.

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