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30 Oct 2020 - 31 Mar 2022

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Graphic Design by After The News, illustration by Alice Dansey-Wright

Designed to strengthen craft education in Scotland’s primary and secondary schools, and beyond.


All Across Scotland

MAKE Learn is a partnership between MAKE and Craft Scotland to review and strengthen the provision and development of craft education in Scotland’s primary and secondary schools, and beyond. 



MAKE Learn will be divided into two connected projects and a teacher survey.  A Research Paper, led by Craft Scotland with researcher Rosemary James-Beith, will map out best practice for craft education. A Pilot Schools Project, led by MAKE with maker Soizig Carey, intends to focus on the value of craft education within and beyond the school setting. 



About MAKE Learn 

MAKE Learn grew from the framework of the MAKE: Manifesto, and is built around three key areas, identified through the MAKE Happen event in October 2019. 


  • Education: Ensuring access for children and young people to making skills and introducing children and young people to career paths within craft, art and design.  
  • Digital Resourcing and Connectivity: Supporting networking, knowledge sharing and skills development.  
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Broadening the audience base and ensuring routes into craft as a career are sustainable, open and accessible to all.


MAKE is currently hosted by Glasgow-based curatorial arts organisation Panel



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