Workflow 2024

21 Feb - 31 Aug 2024

Image courtesy of Konsthantverkscentrum

Workflow at The Swedish Crafts Centre disrupts the boundaries between domesticity and work, curated by the current COMPASS curator cohort. On until 31 Aug 24. 


The Swedish Crafts Centre, Stockholm

Workflow is a Konsthantverkscentrum members’ exhibition open between Wed 21 Feb and Sat 31 Aug 2024 at The Swedish Crafts Centre, Bellmansgatan 5, Stockholm.

An encounter during Stockholm Craft Week 2023 catalysed the creation of the exhibition. At the invitation of The Swedish Crafts Centre, Workflow has been curated collaboratively by Craft Scotland’s COMPASS: Emerging Curator Programme 2024 cohort: Rachel Ashenden, Soizig Carey, Jemima Dansey-Wright, and Murray Morrant.

Intrigued by the dual purpose of Konsthantverkscentrum as both a gallery (where creativity is shared) and an office (where business is conducted), Workflow stages playful interventions to disrupt the boundaries between domesticity and work.

Exhibiting makers include Vega Määttä Siltberg, Barroleven (Ulrika Barr & Kristina Leven), Sissi Westerberg, Anna-Karin Arvidsson, Margherita Pozzali, Klara Helin and August Sörenson. See more about their work

Each room is transformed into an alluring portal of sorts, where the opportunity to explore or break away from the monotony of the working day is too tempting to ignore.

Designed to spark curiosity and revel in our innate inquisitiveness, Workflow alludes to the creative ‘flow state’ that can be accessed through the making process. Instilling a sense of escapism and otherworldliness to an office environment every maker selected in the exhibition has a surreal quality to their work. Here, you will find that craft becomes an intervening force through interactivity and tactility.

Workflow is organised by Konsthantverkscentrum, and supported by Craft Scotland and COMPASS: Emerging Curator Programme Lead Katy West.


Workflow Talk - 5 Jun 24

Watch an inspiring conversation exploring craft as escapism with Swedish textile makers Vega Määttä Siltberg and Matilda Dominique, hosted by COMPASS: Emerging Curators Soizig Carey and Murray Morrant.

Vega Määttä Siltberg shares insights about ‘Shibori Room’, her work currently displaying at the Konsthantverkscentrum Workflow exhibition; where work and domesticity blend into one. Matilda Dominique shares more about ‘Memories of a Kitchen Towel’, her article from the Swedish Weaving Magazine in 2022.

Thanks to the World Crafts Council (Europe) for supporting the Workflow Talk. 


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