Workflow 2024

21 Feb - 31 Aug 2024

Image courtesy of Konsthantverkscentrum

Anna-Karin Arvidsson

MakerAnna-Karin Arvidsson

Ceramicist Anna-Karin Arvidsson uses clay to investigate and understand the world 
around her. Her striking series ‘Flora Invasive’ is inspired by an 18th century 1800-
piece Flora Danica set, commissioned by Prince Frederick. Instead of harmless plants 
from the Danish flora and fauna, Arvidsson has decorated her tableware with 
invasive plants. At first glance ‘Flora Invasive’ appears innocent and beautiful, but 
upon closer inspection there is an undercurrent of threat.

Image courtesy of Konsthantverkscentrum 

August Sörenson

MakerAugust Sörenson

Eclectic in scope, August Sörenson plays with the boundaries of fiction and reality, humour and seriousness. Predominantly working with clay and ceramics, Sorenson incorporates everyday images and shapes from our consciousness into his craft.

Image courtesy of Konsthantverkscentrum 



Ulrika Barr and Kristina Levén are a Swedish artist duo who go by the pseudonym 
BarroLevén. Using glass, the pair investigate the boundaries between subject and 
object, light and darkness, and materials and space. BarroLevén’s atmospheric and 
experimental installations prompt a moment of quiet contemplation within the 
viewer. Staged inside the meeting room, where lively conversation typically unfolds, 
this installation creates space for reflection.

Image courtesy of Konsthantverkscentrum 

Klara Helin

MakerKlara Helin

Experimental in her approach, Klara Helin explores the relationship between garments as functional objects and their aesthetic purpose. She describes her process as both ‘free’ and ‘tactile’. ‘Clothing Object 1’ and ‘Clothing Object 2’ were not designed to be worn, yet their sculptural properties insinuate an invisible model. 

Image courtesy of Konsthantverkscentrum 

Margherita Pozzali

MakerMargherita Pozzali

Aptly named ‘Challenging Cups’, Margherita Pozzali created these porcelain vessels in collaboration with a café in Munich in 2019. At this point in time, these cups were available for customers to use. The strange alterations in the objects prompt a disruptive interaction between user and object.

Characteristic of her unconventional approach to design, Pozzali’s ‘Mended Spoons’ demonstrate a perseverance of working with new materials. Rather than concealing the broken parts, she opted to 
expose them. Hinting at the ritual of a coffee break with co-workers, these non-ergonomic cups and unusual spoons sit amongst everyday objects within reaching distance in the kitchen at Konsthantverkscentrum.

Image courtesy of Konsthantverkscentrum 

Sissi Westerberg

MakerSissi Westerberg

Sissi Westerberg’s ‘A House of One’s Own’ pushes the feminist themes of Virginia 
Woolf’s essay into the realms of the fantastical. As if in dialogue with Woolf’s 
argument that women must have money and a room of her own if she is to write, 
the animalistic alter ego of Westerberg’s sculptural installation has taken matters 
into her own hands. The accompanying film captures a naked woman gnawing the 
wood to construct her own house in a frenzy.

Image courtesy of Konsthantverkscentrum 

Vega Määttä Siltberg

MakerVega Määttä Siltberg

In the words of the maker herself, ‘this room is a calm space where your mind can focus and let go of stressful thoughts.’ Its placement at the window is intentional, an invitation to the passerby to come inside and investigate this whimsical tent-like object. By the entrance of the ‘Shibori Room’ you will find suggested reading material to enhance the exhibition experience, which you can leaf through inside the peaceful portal, if you wish. 

Määttä Siltberg constructed ‘Shibori Room’ using repurposed and locally sourced materials. To create this unique pattern, she folded and clamped pieces of wood to the fabric. The water leaves distinct and unpredictable marks, adding depth and variation to the pattern. It’s the dichotomous conditions of chance and control that greatly appeal to Määttä Siltber

Image courtesy of Konsthantverkscentrum 

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