• Irene Kernan

    Irene Kernan


    Irene Kernan is responsible for leading organisational strategy and plans, and for providing leadership for the sector and team to champion Scottish contemporary craft. Irene oversees our programme and operations to ensure we meet our aims and reports directly to the Board.  

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  • Agnes Jones

    Agnes Jones

    Office Assistant

    Agnes Jones assists with our day-to-day administration and ensures the smooth running of the Craft Scotland office. 

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  • Gill  Ramsay

    Gill Ramsay


    Gill Ramsay maintains our financial records and supports the production of the financial reports for the team, Board and funders.  

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  • Gwenan Davies

    Gwenan Davies

    Programme Assistant

    Gwenan Davies supports the Programme Team in delivering our programme of activity, providing administrative support for events, webinars, selection panels and evaluation.   

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  • Jo  Scott

    Jo Scott

    Head of Programmes

    Jo Scott oversees our programme of events and exhibitions both in Scotland, UK and internationally. Jo works closely with our partners to develop high-quality projects and supports makers to develop their practice through our learning and development programme COMPASS.  

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  • Kerstie Barr

    Kerstie Barr

    Programme Coordinator

    Kerstie Barr supports the planning, development and delivery of our events, exhibitions and COMPASS programmes. Liaising closely with makers and workshop leaders, Kerstie ensures our programme is delivered to a high-standard.  

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  • Leigh Purves

    Leigh Purves

    Marketing and PR Assistant

    Leigh Purves contributes to our successful marketing and PR campaigns through creating engaging digital content, expanding our networks and supporting our PR and Press campaigns.

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  • Mayanne Soret

    Mayanne Soret

    Communications & Digital Coordinator

    Mayanne Soret maintains a high-quality digital experience for our stakeholders by keeping our website up-to-date and functional to support our communication and digital activities.

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  • Tanwen Llewelyn

    Tanwen Llewelyn

    Programme Coordinator (Learning)

    Tanwen Llewelyn coordinates Making Spaces, a key part of our Learning Programme. Tanwen works with partners across Scotland ensuring we offer opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with contemporary craft and work with makers.  

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  • Veronique  AA Lapeyre

    Veronique AA Lapeyre

    Head of Communications & Digital

    Veronique AA Lapeyre oversees the planning and implementation of our communications, PR and marketing, and our digital and communication strategy. Veronique creates multi-channel campaigns to raise the profile of Scottish contemporary craft and drive engagement.  

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