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COMPASS: Next Generation Programme

Closing date: 20 Jul 2019

Bryan Minear / Unsplash


Your commitment:
• Be available for all workshops as detailed in the key dates
• Prepare for all workshops as directed
• Pay the £120 fee in full, prior to the first workshop*
• Maintain communication with the Craft Scotland team throughout your learning and development activity
• Contribute to any case studies, articles and written pieces as requested by Craft Scotland
• Provide feedback as requested at the end of your learning and development activity 

What Craft Scotland will do:
• Subsidise the cost of the programme for participants
• Provide support and guidance for each participant through the programme
• Arrange venues for the programme and cover the cost of these venues, including residential aspects of the programme
• Arrange and cover the cost of all workshop leaders, facilitators and speakers
• Facilitate the programme and provide on-site management at each workshop
• Maintain communication with each maker throughout the programme
• Evaluate the programme 

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