Annual Tracking Studies

Craft Scotland launches our Annual Tracking Study 2018.

As the national development agency for craft, Craft Scotland is interested in examining the working models, finances and routes to market for Scottish makers so that we can target our support and be an advocate for the needs of the sector.

Our Annual Tracking Study 2018 follows on from Craft Scotland’s initial research State of the Sector, published in March 2017. Through these studies, we are conducting a long-term survey of makers who have interacted with Craft Scotland through our events, exhibitions and learning programme since 2014. 

Read on to discover the most recent statistics and trends in the craft environment and impacts on makers' creative and business practice. 

All illustrations by Anna Dunn. 

Download a PDF version of the Annual Tracking Study 2018.


In March 2017, Craft Scotland commissioned State of the Sector study to re-examine the craft sector in Scotland.  We were interested in investigating any changes that may have occurred since the last major sector research (Craft in an Age of Change in 2012) was published and to identify any new sector needs. 

Download a PDF version of State of the Sector 2017 study.