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1 Apr 2016 - 30 Dec 2022

Craft Scotland at Collect 2019 / Photography by Sophie Mutevelian

Curators play a key role in sustaining and innovating Scotland’s ecosystem for contemporary craft.


All Across Scotland

Craft Development Network 

The Craft Development Network is a sector network initiated and supported by Craft Scotland.

Launched in 2014, the network meets throughout the year and consists of Scotland-based craft curators, professionals and producers.

If you would like to learn more about the network, please email: hello@craftscotland.org



Sustaining Curatorial Careers Research 

In 2020, Craft Scotland commissioned Dr Stacey Hunter to lead a research project aiming to better understand how independent craft curators can be supported in their vital role within the craft ecosystem.
The report provides examples of best practice and fresh ideas that expand on the role of the craft curator. Additionally, it identifies UK and international models of support which have helped to create curatorial career pathways. The report also makes recommendations as to how the right conditions could be created which would ensure that independent curators in Scotland can have sustainable, valued careers.
Dr Stacey Hunter is a design curator and producer based in Edinburgh. She is the founder of Local Heroes, a curatorial studio which celebrates, supports and promotes Scottish design culture through exhibitions and events.  
Craft & Cultural Conversations
Promoting conversations, dialogue and networking Craft Scotland host a variety of talks programmes relevant to curators.
Craft Scotland hosted a Curator Talks series in January 2018, part of our learning programme for the craft sector. We heard from renowned craft curator Professor Simon Olding about his curatorial process underpinning the exhibition ‘Things of Beauty Growing’ and from Professor Elizabeth A Moignard about collecting contemporary jewellery.
Additionally, our recent Craft & Cultural Conversations programmes seek to explore insightful conversations placing craft in a cultural context.  
Learn more about last year's programme curated by Dr Catharine Rossi on the theme of Craft & Community and explores current social themes including isolation, inequality, digital access and the craft economy.
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