Carol Sinclair Ceramics

Carol Sinclair Ceramics



I am a ceramic artist and maker living and working in Forfar, Angus. Since graduating with a ceramics degree from Grays School of Art in Aberdeen I have developed my practice from tile making to creating forms and vessels with porcelain. I create one-off pieces using slabs, adding pattern and colour using my signature porcelain inlay techniques.

My inspiration comes from the colours, textures and shapes in the world around me, and from local or global issues that I feel passionate about. At the start of each project I work out a colour palette and use stains and oxides to create porcelain for inlaying. Using either black or white porcelain slabs as a base, I inlay the coloured pieces to form my patterns and images. Shapes are cut from these slabs and hand formed while the porcelain is still soft. Offcuts are then used to form new slabs and create alternative patterns. In this way I ensure I do not waste any materials as even the smallest pieces are reused.

Using valuable resources responsibly is important in my work and I have adopted a closed loop approach to my practice to minimise waste and re-use or recycle.

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