Natty Glass

Natty Glass


Glass, Metal Working


Glass, Metal, Plant fibres, Precious Metals, Precious Stones

My process is based on experimentation with glass, crystal and precious metals.

Techniques: I use hot glass, cast glass and engraving in my work and combine these techniques with found materials and precious metals. I also have a background in stained glass production, which I continue to produce to commission.

My concepts are based on scientific data collected and assimilated in my own personal way. I am interested in rare and endangered species of flora & fauna and depict them in clear crystal or glass with details in gold, fine silver and diamond dust to express their precious nature and the potential loss of these species. I am fascinated by historical natural history collections and love the aesthetics of them. The concept of Steam-punk and the juxtaposition of antique objects combined with futuristic aesthetics appeals to me.

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