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The arts, craft, and culture have the power to create transformational change in our society. The Green Crafts Initiative was launched in 2014 to harness this positive energy for a sustainable future. Through this initiative, we celebrate and encourage environmentally sustainable practices in the Scottish craft sector.

Together, Creative Carbon Scotland and Craft Scotland have created the Green Crafts Initiative, a sister project to the Green Arts Initiative created in partnership by Creative Carbon Scotland and Festivals Edinburgh. Creative Carbon Scotland’s mission is to get the arts and cultural sector thinking about climate change and environmental sustainability.

The Green Crafts Initiative is a nationwide accreditation scheme designed to provide Scottish-based makers and craft organisations with the advice, support and the tools they need to become greener. Through the Green Crafts Initiative you can access an extensive range of website resources and case studies to help you. The Green Crafts Initiative also offers one-to-one advice from Creative Carbon Scotland. Plus, you can attend their Green Tease events: an informal platform for those interested in building links between the arts and sustainability through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and practices.

Scottish makers are already making great strides and incorporating sustainable methods into their work, and we will share their inspiring stories in our Craft Journal. Lizzie Farey, a basketmaker and fibre artist, uses natural fibres that she harvests herself from her local surroundings. In our Make It Green series, we give makers some helpful hints and tips and hear inspiring stories from makers. We’ve heard from Andy Stirling Robertson, who weaves with reclaimed and sustainable yarns like telecom cables, bamboo and rubber, and Ruth Hollywood, who purposefully resources sustainable materials for her geometric jewellery.

The Pledge

By signing up to the Green Crafts Initiative, you pledge to improve your environmental actions over time through a series of simple steps:

  • Aim to reduce your environmental impact each year
  • Strive to improve to your monitoring and management of environmental impacts each year
  • Send a yearly informal report about your actions relating to the environment

Join the Green Crafts Initiative today, take the pledge and start making Scotland just that little bit greener. 

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