Stefanie Ying Lin Cheong

Stefanie Ying Lin Cheong

Photography by Neil Hanna


Silversmithing & Goldsmithing, Jewellery


Metal, Precious Metals, Stone, Precious Stones


Stefanie Ying Lin Cheong is a Glasgow-based designer/maker whose creative practice is guided by environmental concerns and sustainable sourcing of materials. Through her practice Stefanie advocates for sustainable craft-making, sharing her work and research to discuss ideas of geology, anthropology, craftivism and the climate emergency.  

Her jewellery collections use ethical metals and found Scottish rock, with a deliberate minimal aesthetic considering circular economy principles. Over the last ten years, Stefanie has refined traditional lapidary techniques to manipulate locally-sourced rock alongside other experimental and eco-conscious materials – materials diverted from waste streams such as industrial waste, post-consumer plastic, glass and ceramic offcuts, and e-waste. 

Stefanie regularly exhibits in the UK including Elements Festival of Jewellery, Silver and Gold (Edinburgh) and Design Exhibition Scotland at Mount Stewart House (Bute).   

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