Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion - Updated Policy and New Roadmap

Studio Emma / Photography by Susan Castillo

Studio Emma / Photography by Susan Castillo

Following our update in May 2021, Craft Scotland renews its commitment to Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion within its organisation and charitable activities.  

Craft Scotland recognises its position as the national development agency for Scottish contemporary craft and will use our reach, networks and resources to create opportunities for collective reflection and learning and development opportunities.  

We are committed to building equity in our sector. Over the next three years, Craft Scotland will focus on twin priorities of tackling ableism and of supporting anti-racism action to inform, and effect change, within our organisation and the Scottish craft sector. 

Our updated Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion Policy (published November 2021) will underpin all decisions and actions taken by Craft Scotland and its team, Board and Advisory group.  

The policy sets out our commitments to embed our Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Policy within our organisational aims and values, programme and our ongoing work. The policy additionally sets out our legal duties as a charity regarding the Equality Act 2010. 

Our commitments inform the priority areas detailed in the Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap 2021-24. The three-year Roadmap focuses on strategic direction, leadership, widening access, learning and development, networking and embedding equity and inclusion within our programme.  

To continue to measure our work, the EDI Working Group (launched in 2021) will set targets for the upcoming year each March and review progress two times a year (August and March). The Roadmap outlines key priorities for 2021-24 with specific priorities/actions broken down by year, this will allow us to be focused and track our progress. 

To ensure we remain transparent about our progress and plans, we will publish an Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion progress update annually on our website and share widely.  


Our Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Policy & Roadmap


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Upcoming key actions in 2022 

In 2022 we will launch our pilot project focusing on collective learning and development, and building networks for the team, Board, Advisory Group and wider craft community. This will develop our understanding of these nuanced topics, create opportunities to come together to discuss and listen as a craft community, challenge our collective thinking and discover practical advice:   

  • In Spring 2022, we will host two free online learning and development sessions for the team and wider craft community focusing on tackling ableism and anti-racism action. More details to follow.  
  • We will undertake unconscious bias training for the team, Board and Advisory Group 
  • In Spring 2022, the team will start an informal reading group focused on reading From Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups, by Kenneth Jones and. Tema Okun, ChangeWork, 2001. If you would be interested in taking part, please email hello@craftscotland.org


We want to hear from you  

If you would like to contribute to this discussion, please email the Craft Scotland team. We would be delighted to hear from you: hello@craftscotland.org.   

If you identify as a maker with lived experience of being Black, Asian, Mixed Heritage and/or a Person of Colour, a refugee, D/deaf, disabled, gender discrimination and/or working class. We are here to listen and would like to understand more about the types of support that would help and any challenges you are facing. We may be able to offer advice and signpost towards additional resources and support. 

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