Emma Butler-Cole Aiken

Emma Butler-Cole Aiken

Emma Butler-Cole Aiken






Emma is a stained glass artist/architctural glass artist and has been practicing since graduating from Edinbrugh College of Art in 1988.

She is captivated by the colours, textures and exuberant beauty of glass. In making stained glass windows and fused glass objects she seeks magical combinations of image and material, Reaching beyond the ordinary to create unique works which stand the test of time. Discerning when to allow a particular colour to shine out unhindered and when to bring control and distinction is a continuous process.

Most of Emma's work is commissioned and made specifically for where it will be installed. She prefers using traditional stained glass techniques of etching, painting, staining and leading but sometimes also includes fused glass, mirror and lustre elements. Inspiration often comes from natural forms and landscape.

She exhibits small stained glass panels and fused glass objects.

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